Electronic press kit 2014


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we are

Hello! We are Goodbye To Gravity - a modern metal band from Bucharest, Romania. You know, where Count Dracula is from! We’re not really from Transylvania, though. Anyway, we digress. We play together since 2010 and we’ve come a long way since then. We released our debut album in 2012 and in the meantime, we literally played our asses off. I think it’s safe to say that Goodbye To Gravity has been one of the fastest growing brands in Romanian Metal these last years. If you would make a festival with all the bands that we shared the stage with, you would have a line-up cooler than Wacken. Just off the top of our heads: Rammstein, Testament, Trivium, Arch Enemy, Soil- work, Kreator, Sabaton and the list goes on.

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we play

We think talking about music is like dancing about architecture. But what do we know? All the cool bands have an EPK so we thought we have to make one, too! The most common category we’ve been ‘cornered in’ is ‘Modern Metal’. We don’t really know what the hell we do, we just play the music that we like. Our band members have very different musical backgrounds - three of us used to play in a heavy metal band - sans the spandex, though - our lead singer was the winner of an ‘Idol’ format TV show (he listens to everything from Nickelback to Slipknot) and shh, don’t tell anyone - one of us actually likes Coldplay! Yikes! We strive to write the best possible songs, without thinking too much about what ‘style’ our band should be labeled as. We are suckers for catchy choruses, but we thrive on big riffs and breakdowns, although we pretty much try to stay away from the classic metalcore bassdrop and 0-0-000-000-1 stuff.


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Download the album in mp3 format by clicking on the cover picture.

This is the cover of our debut album. It shows our mascot, Big Deaddie laughing in his astronaut suit while lots of silhouettes are just swept away from Earth. If you don’t like the cover, please don’t say anything to our bass player. He designed it, so you’ll probably break his heart if you do.

“Released in 2012, the self-titled debut was very well received by press and fans alike, getting excellent reviews and 10/10 ratings in Romania as well as abroad. The first limited edition 20-page booklet CD is almost sold-out.

“The album was produced and mixed by Alex Pascu who also plays bass in the band and was mastered in Sweden by famed engineer Jens Bogren.

The band has released four videos from this album, which can be viewed on the youtube.com/goodbyetogravity channel (100,000+ views)

"One of the genre-best releases of the year (10/10)” – Jens Pohl (metal.de)
"I really think that these are some great songs and the mixes sound really good” – Jens Bogren (producer, engineer)
"Best Metal Album of 2012” – Metalhead.ro
"Best Newcomer of 2012"" – Maximumrock.ro

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we rocked

Since our first ‘secret’ show in 2011, where we invited our closest friends to a small venue to celebrate the birth of the band, we’ve played lots of shows, toured Romania and played a couple of European festivals.

In 2012 we launched our debut album in front of a packed Silver Church (Bucharest’s most well known indoor live venue). We also played at every major festival in Romania (B’estfest Summer Camp - three times, from the smallest to the biggest stage), Rock The City 2013 , Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2013, Maximum Rock Fest, Romanian Rock Meeting, Peninsula, Posada Rock and many others we can’t really remember right now - must be from all the beers...)

In 2012 we were selected from almost 2000 bands to play the Summer Breeze Festival in Dinkelsbühl, Germany. In 2013 we played the Parabiago Rugby Sound Festival in Milan, Italy and in 2014 we rocked the stage with Swedish heroes Sabaton on an amazing evening on the Explosive Stage at Exit Festival (which holds Europe’s best major festival award in 2014).

Goodbye To Gravity was also the first band to feature in the series ‘Live In The Cell’, which features young Romanian artists playing live in a photo studio. The full gig is available here: http://youtu.be/Wu5606VSbv4

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we are

Currently we are working on finishing our second album, which, of course, as all musicians say, is the best work we’ve ever done. No, seriously. We are hard at work and the album will be ready by the end of the year. The songs are much more mature and more work (and a lot more expenses) have gone into this second effort.

Because we want a much more open and ‘organic’ sound, we will be mixing the album at Black Rock Studios in Santorini, Greece on a beautiful SSL console.

We are again mastering this second album with engineer extraordinaire Jens Bogren from Fascination Street Studios, Sweden. He has proven to be a really great asset to the band and we fully trust his trained years and judgment.

On the live side, we are currently planning our touring schedule for 2015.

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we love

I think it’s fairly obvious that we love what we do. Our biggest enjoyment is to be on stage and playing our music for the people who want to hear it. Or don’t want to hear it! (that’s what ear plugs are for!) Anyway, we welcome every opportunity we are given to kick some ass on stage and take our perform- ances every time to the next level. We are passionate about everything we put out and we are lucky to have a very professional team of video guys, sound guys, web guys to back us up, no matter what crazy stuff we come up with. Last but not least, I would like to thank YOU, dear reader, for having the pa- tience to read through all this stuff. Please, feel free to get in touch at the links below and/or download anything you may need from the ‘Useful Stuff’ section. Cheers!

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